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Rise above the fear of being fired!!

Freelancing as a term in Indian work space is seen as a young guy looking for casual work in creative work space, or a housewife looking to make some money from home. In India especially, the freelancing community is burdened with the tag of, ‘Not serious workers’. But the things are changing now. According to an online survey the average fee charged by an I.T engineer was estimated 50,000 INR-70,000 INR depending upon the project undertaken.

Coming to the point, in the year 2009 almost 30 million of the engineers in the United States were laid off. That estimates to mostly 10% of the population in the country, which is an alarming statistic. In India the rate is pretty high too. Every year we see read or see updates of employees getting laid off and the percentage of them is no less.  However there are ways you can still manage your time, energy and money well by freelancing. So, following are the some guidelines which will help you to be safe and sound even if you have about to get laid off.

The table shows how freelancing can get you that extra income in dire needs.  (more…)


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