Creating a High-Impact Employee Referral Program

With an improving economy to boast, companies around the world should focus on recruiting their next set of star employees through present employee referrals. Referrals have produced some impressive results in companies over the years, contributing to high quality hiring. Here’s how you company can improve its Employee Referral Program (ERP) results:

Educating employees

In many organizations, employees are pretty clueless when it comes to looking for referrals. They require convincing as far being a referral. The first step would be to target your most successful referring workers. Take the time to ask them how they went about it, what works and what doesn’t when it comes to recommending potential hires. Take the information they provide and channel it to educate other employees in the company.A crash course teaching them how to approach the process is imperative.

Involve your Employees

When you rally your employees to get involved in the referral process, you are in for great results. Use a sports analogy to get the point across – when you refer the best players for the team, it will win. Boosting morale and building team spirit is more effective than monetary incentives. This is because they will be encouraged to work with the best co-workers. The main task is to get the employees on board and be responsible for talent scout. Only you can encourage employees and inform them of the crucial role they have in assessing potential candidates, building relations and getting star employees on board.

Choose the Right Targets

For an effective ERP, choosing to play smart is key. Therefore, do not spam all employee inboxes with mails on finding referrals. To make this exercise more effective, only target a specific pool of employees that have better candidate references. Instead, develop a targeted pool of referrers (a top referral database) that can be targeted based on their knowledge of professionals with required skills to fit job profiles in the company. The targeted group of employees should be your window to recruitment of future employees.
Companies need to stay away from adopting old practices but instead identify ways to fully utilize employee referral programme. When implemented, it can have a huge impact on recruitment quality. Investing time and effort in using your existing talent pool to help find future recruits is a move that will pay off in the end. Your next best employee is, well, an employee referral away.


Pankaj Goyal

I am a startup technologist with over 11 years of experience. I have been working with startups since begining of my career. We started Hirenodes in June 2014 with basic concept of building a referral based hiring platform.

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