How important is cultural fit

Employees in an organization come with their own set of personalities, and values. Understanding these character traits and assimilating them to ensure harmony in the workplace is important. Therefore, determining if a potential employee would culturally fit into your organization even before hiring him merits attention.

Maintaining an environment that is conducive to all who work, is very critical. Before hiring a new candidate, make sure you have a process to ensure the working environment is maintained.

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Why Is Cultural Fit Important?

In 1975, a psychologist John Morse conducted a study between personality and organization as well as employees and their self-rating. He divided the employees into two groups: The first group was set in a job which made use of the normal procedure of the time sans any psychometric testing. The second group was more experimental and was placed in stable positions that best fit their personality.

The result: the group that was placed in a job that fitted their personality said that they felt more competent as a result. Therefore, Morse concluded that the second group had more self-esteem as a result of cultural fit. They even performed better.

Determine Culture Fit

It is important that all organizations assess and then determine their culture before hiring a candidate for a vacant position. This will ensure that you hire the right person, without compromise. Therefore, when hiring, say a candidate for a senior post, define what you are looking for beyond what the job description entails. This will make the selection process easier and faster to complete. Educational qualifications and work experience is great, but finding out about a candidate’s work style and personality is imperative. Before you utter the words: you’re hired, make sure that the candidate is worth hiring.


Rewarding employees to hire for cultural fit will ensure that you have the right employees working for you. Incentivizing your employees is therefore a great idea. It will also give them the impetus to work harder as a result.

After all, employers can be trusted to be your best recruiters. They already have a good idea what the organization is looking for and would go about making recommendations that fit the bill. Also, they would want new employees to fit into their style of working to avoid unease and awkwardness. Heed what your employees say or who they recommend, it could save you a lot of time interviewing people.

A culture fit is important for all organizations looking to attract the best talent pool who are in sync with the set culture.


Pankaj Goyal

I am a startup technologist with over 11 years of experience. I have been working with startups since begining of my career. We started Hirenodes in June 2014 with basic concept of building a referral based hiring platform.

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