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Rise above the fear of being fired!!

Freelancing as a term in Indian work space is seen as a young guy looking for casual work in creative work space, or a housewife looking to make some money from home. In India especially, the freelancing community is burdened with the tag of, ‘Not serious workers’. But the things are changing now. According to an online survey the average fee charged by an I.T engineer was estimated 50,000 INR-70,000 INR depending upon the project undertaken.

Coming to the point, in the year 2009 almost 30 million of the engineers in the United States were laid off. That estimates to mostly 10% of the population in the country, which is an alarming statistic. In India the rate is pretty high too. Every year we see read or see updates of employees getting laid off and the percentage of them is no less.  However there are ways you can still manage your time, energy and money well by freelancing. So, following are the some guidelines which will help you to be safe and sound even if you have about to get laid off.

The table shows how freelancing can get you that extra income in dire needs. 

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Source Payoneer*


Start freelancing and earn extra money

As we know freelance economy is booming and when you have built a network it’s easy to find good freelancing projects. In a survey conducted when asked why people are leaving their fully fledged jobs the results were amusing, they said, the economy is unstable in today’s world and being your own boss is always better than working for someone. Along the lines of your job, freelancing also gives you a better opportunity to have some extra income which provides a psychological satisfaction.


Opens new doors to learning

As a freelancer, you will learn new skills out of necessity that you might not gain as a traditional employee. It opens doors for you to gander into other spaces as well. These skills may include marketing, sales, office management and client development etc. So, if in future your company asks you to leave you will have better knowledge of skills which you can use later. Freelancing on the side also helps you to have a better understanding of changing technology in today’s digital world. As you will be working for different clients which might have a different set of pattern for working from your regular job. It even helps you to keep up the trend and gain new experience as well.


You work with client directly

When you work for someone else, you don’t get a choice of who you work with. You sometimes get stuck with unethical or offensive clients. But, when you’re a freelancer, you can choose with whom you work. You no longer have to answer to anyone but your clients and yourself. No one is dangling over you or controlling you.


Build relations with people

Freelancing is not confined to regular 9 to 5 job and same people you see or meet everyday at your office. Instead, it inevitably brings you into contact with new people including new clients, mentors, business associates and others giving you an opportunity to build good relations with them. The relationships you make while freelancing range far beyond simply having clients.


Freelancing as a hold-up plan

It’s always better to have multiple sources of income. Freelancing on the side while employed certify that if you get laid off, you’re not jammed without a plan. You’ll still have existing clients with whom either you can upgrade your freelance business to full time or maybe do it until you find a new job because if you get laid off unexpectedly it’s not easy to start all over again; here you can use your freelance business as a backup plan.


After you are done with all the groundwork, you are now set to start your freelancing vocation and look for platforms offering such opportunities. The first you might do is look for freelancing opportunities via friends or family. The reason for doing that is you can find reliable clients without the many fears that a freelancer has, namely not getting paid on time, requirement changes and unprofessional clients. Hirenodes has the answer to all those problems.

Along with the up-side of finding a freelance project in the same city, we have incorporated a referral feature where you can get recommended jobs from the people in your network. All this in the comfort of your smartphone. This will save valuable time as you don’t have to lurk around to get projects. Friends or family already connected to you via social network can recommend you for an open project available on Hirenodes and you have landed on your first freelance project.


Pankaj Goyal

I am a startup technologist with over 11 years of experience. I have been working with startups since begining of my career. We started Hirenodes in June 2014 with basic concept of building a referral based hiring platform.

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